The new names

Concerning the new name of various cities in South Vietnam, the communists changed them according to the particular pronunciation from the north.
For example, hot milk is "nau nog" for the north and "sua nong" for the south, expensive is "dat tien" for the north and "mac tien" for the south.
The new name for Khe Sanh is Huong Hoa. They have changed also the street' name like Tu Do street into Dong Khoi.
They started to change the old names in july 1976, official date of the reunification. At this time, the south was controlled by the provisory revolutionary government.
Early in 1977, the north sends advisors to the south and everything changed. Deportation, special education for prostitutes and junkies and so…

Ban Me Thuot (in Hmong lunguage) become Buon Ma Thuot (in Ede) it is like a symbolic passage of the politic control between the two minorities. It seems that the north would punish Hmong minority for their engagement along the French first and then with Special Forces. This minority asked for independence since the creation of the FULRO. This country was forbidden for the tourism since. This area became overcastted of reeducation camps. The north practices the politic of the new deal. Installation of native Vietnamese, sedentarisation, abandonment of ancestral paddy cultivation and Vietnamese language incitation.
If you have any information about the new names, I will be happy to share them.