Bob's Zippo

Costal Division One Eleven
Strategic Air Command
Phrase often engraved without the mortar
Rare engraving
The famous Snoopy from Charles Chultz. The"I Fuck You Red Baron" is the the most popular engraving. The Peanuts appeared in the newspapers Stars & Stripes .
2 nd Field Force
First Aviation Brigade
First Cavalry Division
7th Cavalry(Airmobile)
Fantastic engraving
PBR Group 54 (ARVN)
Tan Son Nhut Saigon Airport
"Peace & Love"
82nd Air Borne
1st Field Force
US Navy Seal
6th Bn 71st Art.
Very rare PBR 511 zippo
Guided Missile USS Strauss
PBR 541 River Section
Landing Ship Tank
Japan hand Engraved
Cam Ranh Bay
101st Airborne
Damn you Charlie Brown
USMC Insignia
USCG Explosive Loaders Det.